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Search Engine Optimisation

Natural search engine marketing has changed more than anyone in the field of SEO could have thought. If SEO and SEM Agencies are not talking about Social Media as an equal element then they probably aren't in an insanely competitive industry. We are and our Teams are equal in size and work hand-in-hand to dominate everything they touch.

We also have our sister companies; and that close the other gaps utilizing the latest in Reputation Management, Brand Protection and Sentiment Control.

Vanguard is truly the best choice for your companies online health and we have the case studies to prove it.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a crucial part of any internet marketing strategy and is an increasingly important part of a successful organic search campaign. However, social media marketing can be a lot more than that: it allows you to engage with your customers, build sales and customer loyalty, express your brand identity and protect your reputation.

Vanguard Online Media will come up with a carefully planned social media strategy which supports your business objectives in the best possible way. Whether you’re interested in protecting your brand’s reputation, building advocates or generating sales and leads, our campaigns offer a solution that is second to none.

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Reputation Management

We at Vanguard Online Media understand that a good reputation is vital for success. The Web can make or break a business as it is increasingly common that competitors try to use the Web to hurt your business by creating negative reviews of your services or products. Furthermore, it’s not difficult for a business to make a mistake which could end up all over the Web. A good reputation management campaign can eliminate the damage negative press can cause.

Having a proper reputation management strategy can help you plan ahead if you are a new business and implement strategies which will help support positive reputation in the future. It can improve and/or increase brand visibility on the web and it will allow you to track and monitor reactions to your brand.

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Sentiment Control

Each of our current clients require their own customized strategy. We have handled StartUps with their launch and existing companies wishing to improve their social media presence. We can even repair and improve the online sentiment surrounding companies on review sites, blogs, forums and Social Media content like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and over 40 other Social Media websites.

Rehabilitate and Protect yourself from becoming another statistic of an undeserved hate campaign or aggressive competitor. Protect your online reputation and monitor the information that over 80% of shoppers see online.

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